About Us

Shine TV is Your Kiwi Christian Channel - a New Zealand based Christian lifestyle tv channel, bringing together the best of uplifting international and local content.

Shine TV is a network of Rhema Media Inc. Rhema Media is a not-for-profit incorporated society, and is a registered charity with Charities Services. Rhema Media also owns and operates nationwide radio networks Rhema, Star and Life FM, as well as publishing two quarterly devotionals The Word For Today and Word 4 U Today.

Our Story - History

Shine TV began as Freedom TV, an independent local Christchurch station, in November 1997. In June 2002 Freedom TV signed a contract to provide a 24-hour Christian channel for SKY Television’s digital platform, and in August 2002 transferred its operations to Rhema Media.

Shine TV launched on SKY Television’s digital platform on the 1st of December 2002. In 2011, Shine expanded its reach launching on Freeview’s Satellite; and on the 1st of December 2016 onto Freeview HD – Freeview’s terrestrial DTT service.

Today, Shine is available in every television home in New Zealand.

You can read more of the history of Rhema Media and Shine TV at rhemamedia.co.nz/about/history

Our Mission & Vision

Rhema Media has been broadcasting to the people of New Zealand since 1978. Over the years, we have grown from one man's dream and a backyard studio to become one of the country's largest privately-owned broadcasting networks, reaching thousands of people every day.

Rhema Media differs from commercial radio and television in that 26,000 New Zealanders unite with staff in changing lives for good by financially supporting the station, paying a yearly membership fee. These subscriptions, along with donations, currently make up the majority of our income. Our bottom line is changed lives.

Without the love, support and prayers of these people Rhema would not be what it is today.

Our Purpose

Rhema Media: Christian Media for New Zealand

Our purpose is to draw New Zealanders into an increasingly meaningful, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through a focus on the three pillars of Content, Reach and Impact

Our Content will be engaging, relevant, and real. We will strive to produce content to such a high standard that it will move hearts, minds and souls.

Our Reach will encompass a large and diverse audience, across current and emerging platforms, and forms of media.

Our Impact will be evident in the lives of those who engage with our content.

We believe that what we create and broadcast we will be an undeniable force in the media landscape of New Zealand, felt in Community, Church and Culture.

Our equation of purpose: Content + Reach = Impact